Taking care of our vineyard is still our priority. We decided to follow the sustainable winegrowing way to guarantee a wine quality from the vineyard to the bottle. More than ever, we continue to act and use the least harmful products as possible to be completely respectful of our terroirs. From 2021, the domaine has been certificated Haute Valeur Environnementale ; the proof of a real engagement to be respectful of the environment.

The soil maintenance is necessary to glorifying our different terroirs and to preserve the microbial life into our soils. All year long, different operations of ploughing are made to improve its structure.

Thanks to the running and the protection of the vineyard, sound grapes are brought to their best maturity level. We are pruning with the Guyot simple method, making long fruity canes to avoid diseases and spread out the harvest. More than that, the hand working during the spring season is absolutely necessary, such as the « ébourgeonnage » as it allow us to manage our yields and get good quality grappes.

Every year, about fifty people are coming from different French regions and also different countries to take part in the grape harvest, only handpicked. The grape selection is an essential stage to improve our harvest. It is realized in the vineyard itself then in the winery through a sorting table.