The grapes from Pinot Noir are sorted, then destemmed before being dispatched into different vats. Depending of the vintage, a percentage of full grapes can be selected and added to the cuvée.

The vatting time can last about twenty days. We control the temperatures during all the process fitted with thermo-regulated vats.

The harvest is first cooled at 10° during one week to extract slightly colors and aromas. To preserve the authenticity of our terroirs, the alcoholic fermentation is triggered off naturally, without adding any yeast.Many handlings are made on our cuvées. We are opting for a light punching down at the beginning of the fermentation then a daily pumping-over to get nice well-balanced wines with good substances.

Once the alcoholic fermentation is over, we can finally proceed at devatting and pressing. After that, the drop juice and the press juice are putting together. The wine will rest many days before a light settling of the juice, to extract rough lees.

At last, the wine is ready to be ageing into our cellar, poured by gravity in barrels of 228 liters, made by French oak trees in Burgundy. The malolactique fermentation will start later in the year. Depending on the appellation, we are using about 10 to 20% of new oak to keep all the freshness and fruitiness in our wines. We are also working with barrels from 1 to 8 years old.

After 12 months aged, the wine is racked and assembled into vats. The wine will rest there and will clarify itself naturally during many months. Later, each cuvée will be analyzed and tasted. Then we are going to decide to make possible filtration, only at the bottom of the vat. The bottling takes place between January to March, afterwards the stock is taken into our cellars.